Judge Eric Norris began his legal career over 20 years ago right here in our community.  His law practice gave him extensive experience handling a broad range of civil and criminal cases.  His depth of experience in all types of legal cases is why he was chosen to serve as Chief Magistrate Judge of Oconee County in 2004.  In 2016, through an in-depth vetting process, the Governor chose to appoint Judge Norris to a newly created Superior Court position for our community.  In 2017, Judge Norris was invited to sit by special designation to hear a case before the Georgia Supreme Court – the highest court in Georgia – filling in for a Justice who had a conflict of interest in the case. 

During his senior year at Oconee County High School, Eric was recommended by State Senator Paul Collins Broun, Sr. (D) for the prestigious Georgia Military Scholarship, and he joined the Georgia Army National Guard.  After earning his undergraduate degree, he received a commission as an officer in the Army National Guard, and he continues to serve today.  After 32 years of service, he has earned the rank of Lt. Colonel.

In addition to his active leadership roles with the local bar association and community organizations, Eric is also an active and engaged husband and father of two children. 

Judge Eric Norris has the proven legal, life, and community experience we deserve in a Superior Court Judge.


One of the important roles a Superior Court Judge fulfills is ruling on criminal cases - including the most serious violent crimes that unfortunately occur even in our community.  Judge Norris believes strongly in applying the fundamental principles of justice in criminal cases.  He believes that criminal sentencing should be guided by the time-tested principles of deterrence, rehabilitation, retribution and restitution.  For those who are convicted of serious violent crimes, Judge Eric Norris believes they should be incarcerated and removed from our community. 

As a Judge, Military Service Member, Husband and Father, Judge Norris is devoted to keeping our families safe from serious violent criminals.



Judge Norris believes that one of the best ways to unite our community is through a fair, impartial legal system.   Judge Norris has a proven record of protecting the rights of every citizen, regardless of their status. 

Judge Norris also believes that true justice means exercising common sense and compassion when needed.  That is why he presides over the Treatment & Accountability Court, which provides innovative alternative sentencing for some who have committed non-violent crimes while struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues.  By partnering with community-based programs to help treat these individuals, Judge Norris’s court is cutting the cost to taxpayers by reducing incarceration rates.  It is a firm, but fair, approach with the goal of truly healing and rehabilitating these individuals so they can become  productive members of our community once again. 

Whether it is a civil or a criminal case, Judge Norris has proven time again that he treats every person in his court fairly and equally. 

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From time to time the Supreme Court of Georgia invites Superior Court Judges to sit by special designation for a Justice who has a conflict on a case. 

Above: Judge Norris hears oral arguments during a case before the Supreme Court of Georgia, sitting by special designation for Justice Boggs. 

Below: Judge Norris and Justices of the Supreme Court of Georgia

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