Note:  In the upcoming May 22nd election, two Superior Court Judges are standing for election.  Judge Eric Norris is being challenged by Allison Mauldin.  Judge Regina Quick is being challenged by Lisa Lott.  

I believe the best kind of judge is one who lives up to our state motto of wisdom, justice, and moderation. A judge must be impartial and uphold the highest standards of integrity. I strive for that every day.
— Judge Eric Norris

Why Superior Court Is Important To Every Citizen

Our Superior Court district impacts the lives of all citizens in Clarke & Oconee counties. 

Superior Court Judges handle both civil and criminal cases.  

Judges rule on felony criminal cases, including death penalty cases, violent crimes, theft, property crimes, and serious drug cases.  

Superior Court Judges also handle a wide range of civil cases such as wrongful death, medical malpractice, personal injury, divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions, and disputes over business contracts and real estate.   

Our community deserves a  Superior Court Judge like Eric Norris who has deep experience and a proven track record in all of the complex types of cases handled by this court.  

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